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posted Feb 25, 2020, 12:35 PM

A Night at the Movies

Date: Sunday March 15th, 2020

Start Time: 12 pm

Length: ~1 hour and half

Tickets: $10 per family

A Night at the Movies is an opportunity for all our skaters from Pre-CanSkate to the STARSkate to showcase what they have been working on for family and friends. Although we hope to see all our skaters participate, participation is optional. There is no cost for your child/children to take part in the showcase.

In order to organize for the show, we are asking families to confirm YES or NO if their child/children will be participating in the showcase.

Either email ( with your skater’s name and YES or NO if they will be attending and/or speak with a board member/coach at the rink.



Showcase practices will take place during your skater’s already scheduled lessons. Practices for Pre-CanSkate & CanSkate skaters will take place 4 weeks before the showcase date (week of February 18th). Skaters will be grouped together and will perform to one themed song. It will be a ‘follow the leader’ format. We encourage skaters to participate in at least two practice before the showcase.

Lil Stars & STARSkate skaters will begin practices 5 weeks prior to the showcase (week of February 11th).



What you need to bring

Please make sure your skater has their skates and helmet, if they wear one. Dressed according to their number’s dress code. Costumes will be provided by the club and are given to the skaters at the showcase. We recommend jacket/warm sweater and blanket for when they are not on the ice (skaters will be watching the showcase from a designated seating area in the stands inside the arena).

Arrival times

Skaters are to arrive a half hour before the start of the showcase. When you arrive, you will sign your child/children in and help them get their skates on and/or costumes. Please have your child/children to the designated seating area 15 minutes before the start of the showcase. If your child/children is in the first three groups they will proceed to line up at rink side to perform.

During the show

Skaters will be supervised by a group parent volunteer and will watch the show from a designated seating area with their group when they aren’t skating, themselves*. Upon completion of the CanSkate, Lil’ Star & STARSkate numbers, skaters will return to the designated seating area to watch the show until the finale where skaters will be asked to come back on the ice. Upon completion of the Pre-CanSkate numbers, parents/guardians can take their child/children’s skates off and enjoy the remaining show in the stands.

*We understand some of the little skaters may want to be with their parents/guardians until their number. The parents/guardians can sit with their skater in the designated seating area. If any skater needs to go to the washroom, either their parents/guardians can take them or a parent volunteer will.

Volunteers are required to run a successful show. Please let a board member or coach know if you are available to help.

We need volunteers for the following:

  • Check-in table – this will be where you will sign your child/children in. Programs will be handed out at this table as well. We need at least 2 volunteers for this table.
  • Designated seating area attendant – The designated seating area attendant will be responsible for ensuring the skaters remain in the area during the show and have the groups ready to go when the ice captain comes to get them for their number. They will help the skaters get on the ice for their performance. We need at least 5 volunteers for this.
  • We need volunteers to help skaters get off the ice once the performance is done and walk the skaters back to the designated seating area.
  • Playing music – we need one person to control the music during the show.
  • Set up/ tear down – this involves helping to set up/take down props (if applicable), costumes, curtains, tables, signage, etc.

For those wishing to volunteer there will be a sign-up sheet at the arena.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.